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BioNutrition boosts natural Health

All our food is 100% organic, vegan and pesticide free. BAC (BioAlgenComplex) can be taken daily by humans as well as by animals. Learn more about it here.

High Bioavailability with BAC Bio Algae Complex

In contrast to other algae, BAC (BioAlgenComplex – BioSuperFood) have a very high bioavailability. Compared to ordinary products available on the market with Chlorella, a green microalgae a nutritious food, they do not have the same antiviral, anticancer and immunostimulant properties as BAC Biosuperfood. Their chlorella cell wall consists of indigestible cellulose, while the spirulina cell wall in BAC Biosuperfood consists of complex proteins and sugars that are easily digestible by humans. This mixture achieves excellent synergies and a balance that is not achieved with individually occurring algae.