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Can pregnant or nursing mothers use BAC BioSuperFoods ?

Yes they may, and as per our instructions on the bottle, we recommend that pregnant women start gradually and work their way up to four capsules daily, while nursing mothers can start and use BSF normally. We recommend that pregnant women consult with their medical or healthcare practitioners before beginning to consume BSF.

Pregnants: Start with 1 capsule a day for the first 5 days, then adjust by adding 1 capsule each day. start early in the day.

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What advantage do I have if I take BAC?

First, for general nutrition and health support and maintenance: The proteins, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients in the mixtures are known to support the maintenance of general health and a healthy immune system. It is a natural wholefood solution known to help your body maintain good health. It is also great for intestinal health when it comes to increasing the efficient digestion of food and the absorption of nutrients, which can lead to less cravings and less consumed food. Many independent studies show that high quality nutrients awaken your body’s natural healing power. The American Cancer Society informs us that antioxidants and other carotenoids promote optimal health by strengthening the immune system and protecting our cells from free radicals.

For sports, athletics and fitness: BAC is ideal for the active athlete who wants to perform at peak performance, prevent injury and promote recovery without using dangerous synthetic products, be it bodybuilding, cycling, swimming or other fitness activities that strain the body.

For vegans and vegetarians: Each veggie capsule consists of over 50% complete vegetarian proteins with a net utilization of over 95%. The algae also contain the rare vitamin B12. Large animal studies have shown that the intake of proteins and other nutrients from the daily diet is increased by the consumption of algae.