For pets and farm animals. Activate the inner genius with the most natural and powerful antioxidants available today.

  • Powerful protection of the immune system and defense against toxins
  • Promotes the car repair and rejuvenation process
  • Promotes energy and vitality
  • Nutrition therapeutic approach

If your dog has health problems, digestive problems, smells the coat intensively, feels tired then we recommend “BioPreparation F3+”.

Add “BioPreparation F3” to your daily food ration and support your darlings’ health as nature originally intended.

Recommended use for dogs/cats: Daily 3 capsules of the daily food ration (capsule whole or open the capsule and add the BAC powder).

Tip: Give your pet enough fresh water.

Contents: 60 vegetarian capsules (290 mg/capsule) for a requirement of approx. 20 days.

Ihre Gesundheit ist das Wertvollste was Sie besitzen.