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Why I am regularly a guinea pig myself…

Since my childhood I have been convinced that I have to take my health into my own hands.

Watching what happens to my body when I do this or that is part of my life’s purpose.

Since I discovered Bionutrition Algae Complex in 2008, I have been fascinated by the effect it has on me.

So a few months ago I did the following test with myself: I deliberately stopped taking algae capsules for three months.
At first I didn’t notice much, but at some point I noticed that I needed more sleep. Well, I thought, that’s probably because of all the work you have at the moment. So I stopped thinking about it.

Then one evening I took two BAC F3 capsules before going to bed.
Wow, what happened in the morning was incredible. First of all, I woke up earlier than usual, needed less sleep and also felt top fit.

And so I went back to taking two BAC F3 capsules every night before bed. My favourite way to take them is to mix them with a glass of water. Open the capsules and put them in the glass of water, stir and you’re done. Well, the taste takes a bit of getting used to the first time.

When I do sports, I take one or two capsules beforehand. On longer hikes, I always have BAC-F3 capsules in a small can in my backpack. That way I can take one in between when I take a break to drink. Because of the amino acids and astaxanthin it contains, among other things.

Best wishes and have a nice spring.

Ivan Silvester