Bio Algae Complex | BIOSUPERFOOD (BSF) formula F3-180 Seniors 50+




“Bio Algae Complex BAC-F3” is the SuperFormula in the BAC series and therefore the most intensive product. More nutritious than F2 and F1. This formula activates your inner genius with the most powerful natural antioxidants and increases vitality, promotes healthy aging, and improves performance in physically active people.

Especially suitable for people with a weak immune system due to infections, colds, digestive disorders, fatigue and increased willingness to perform at work / sport.

Powerful protection of the immune system and defence against toxins
Metabolic Repair and Matabolic Fountain of Youth
Natural Antioxidants
Energy-rich and performance-enhancing food
Recommended intake Adults: 6 capsules / day distributed, Drink water with it
Example: 3 BAC-F3 capsules each morning & evening or 2 BAC-F3 capsules each morning, noon and evening.

for athletes: 1 – 2 capsules before and after sport; 1 capsule every 30 minutes for longer and more intensive activity.

Contents: 180 vegetarian capsules (290 mg/capsule) for 30 days.