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Responsibility and non disclosures

Every human being is responsible for his own condition and life and therefore has the power to take or permit appropriate measures.

Note: Check the list of contents carefully for compatibility (“”). In case of doubt, ask your attending physician, naturopath or other specialist whether these products can be used in connection with an existing treatment.

BAC/BSF – Bio Algae Concentrate is a food for humans and animals, which is obtained exclusively from different algae. It is not a medicine in the conventional sense, because it is free of drugs or remedies according to the legal definition. It can therefore be taken as part of a balanced diet (1-3 capsules per day and not more than 12 capsules per day), preferably with water or another drink. Needs and sensitivities are individual and different therefore we advise in case of any questions a qualified person for advice to questions.

When you take BAC/BSF – Bio Algae Concentrate, you provide your body with many elements that are often lacking in our diet. If you observe a positive health effect by taking BAC/BSF – Bio Algae Concentrate, this can happen due to the compensation of previous deficiencies in your diet.

Consequently, neither the BAC/BSF – Bio Algae Concentrate manufacturer nor claim that biosuperfood “cures” pathological conditions. When our customers talk about “healing”, or when animals tested with BAC/BSF – Bio Algae Concentrate show positive health effects, this happens through the activation of the self-healing powers which for example can be caused by the body’s own regeneration effects.

The underlying principle is: we can only heal ourselves!

In other words, BAC/BSF – Bio Algen Concentrate does not deal with the pathology of cells or tissues. However, we at believe that, among other things, ion exchange between cells is improved and, based on systematic observations in animals, it can be assumed that the natural healthy state is strengthened where possible.

Our aim is to offer you products which can be taken according to the BioSuperNatural criteria (biological high quality, naturalness, free of drugs and chemicals, free of artificial colourings, flavourings, free of artificial vitamins) as a supplement to your existing diet by everyone as well as by animals.

Please also note that conventional medicines, which you can obtain from your pharmacy or doctor, always have side effects. It can also happen that people may have intolerances to normal foods.

BAC/BSF – Bio Algae Concentrate have been tested by Health Canada, one of the strictest health authorities in the world. Each BAC/BSF formula has received Health Canada certification and natural product license.

All BSF/BAC products are internationally recognized and awarded. Among others with the Golden Globe, Eureka 2002 – Best Nutritional Supplement Awarded with the Legion of Honour Cross, Eureka 2002 – Highest Award from the Commission with the Gold Medal, Eureka 2001 – BSF for the Chernobyl Gold Medal, Eureka 2001 – Invention BSF Gold Medal, Iasi 1994 – New Technology for Algae Production