BIOSUPERFOOD (BSF) Micro Algae Capsules F2-180 (90 Day Formula)




This BIOSUPERFOOD (BSF) Micro Algae Capsules F2-180 was specially designed for adults. BAC-F2 is the further development of the successful BAC-F1 formula. BAC-F2 is suitable for people with an increased stress level, women in menopause, all adults men over 40 and naturally active hobby, professional athletes.

We recommend “BIOSUPERFOOD (BSF) Micro Algae Capsules F2-180” to support the general diet, to support the immune system, to increase vitality, as a replacement for some existing dietary supplements and vitamins, for better health and support in sports and fitness.

Directions for adults: 6 capsules throughout the day, drink water with it.

Tip: Start the day with 2 capsules BIOSUPERFOOD (BSF) Micro Algae Capsules F2 after getting up with 2 glasses of water, in the afternoon 2 capsules BAC-F2 and in the evening before going to bed 2 capsules BAC-F2. This gives you the necessary energy boost and helps to stimulate the metabolism.

BAC BioAlgenConcentrate /BSF BioSuperfood products are natural foods that contain all important macro and micronutrients and are neither synthetic food supplements nor do they contain synthetic additives.

Contents: 3 x 180 vegetarian capsules (290 mg/capsule), the ideal monthly ration.